Health & Safety, Environment & Quality

Keeping our employees and our customers safe.

Floorcare is committed to the delivery of outstanding performance in EH&S (Enviornmental Health & Safety) through a policy of co-operation and competence applied consistently and continually throughout the operation.

As General Manager of Floorcare I have ultimate responsibility to ensure our places of work are healthy and safe. The co-operation of our team is helping me achieve this and it is essential to establish and maintain that standard for the benefit of you, our customers and for the wellbeing of our employees.

To achieve the highest levels of safety performance the consistent implementation of sensible disciplines are essential and this will only be achieved by the continous involvment and participation of each employee.

Each of us has responsability for ourselves and others. Please take time to read the contents of our safety guides to remind you of the particular hazards in our industry, how to avoid them and if in the slightest doubt please seek further information.

In most instances further information will be found in our comprehensive EH&S management system, a copy of which can be found at each depot and is carried by each and every employee in his or her vehicle.Floorcare has and will remain committed and focused on all aspects of environmental health and safety, both in house and in operations with our customers.

As chief executive I am responsible for the safety and well being of all employees both on and off Floorcare premises. With the full co operation of all employees we look to operate safely and ensure the protection of the environment.

Scrubber Dryer Health & Safety, Environment & Quality Pledge

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With the implementation of various disciplines and rules that are constantly upgraded to suit all situations we endeavour to maintain high levels of care for our customers employees, Floorcare employees and any environment we operate in.

We would request you or your colleagues who are in any doubt of the hazards that are any part of our industry to either contact us for more information or speak to depot managers or any employee on your site for a copy of our health and safety management booklet which is always available on request.
We wish you all a long and safe association between our two companies.

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